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The Phoenix

Faith-Works is a non-profit organization based in Houston, Harris County, Texas.  Faith-Works has five (5) key areas in which it advocates:  Community and Economic Development; Budgeting and Spending (Fiscal Accountability); Civil Rights and Liberties; Education; and Entitlement Reform.


Faith-Works train minority volunteers, facilitate Town Hall Meetings meant to educate minorities on the political process, aid in voter registration, assist in political campaigns, and encourage minorities to mobilize specifically within the Community of Faith.  Through these processes, we facilitate meaningful interactions between political representatives and citizens of the communities in which we live.


Faith-Works recruit, educate, train and mobilize volunteer activists to fight for less government, lower taxes, and empowerment of minorities through active involvement in the political process.  We believe conservative values and principles, beling politically aware and involved will contribute to a decline of moral, economical and fiscal decay that has relegated many to a liberal, oppresive set of values that destroy communities.


Faith-Works employs aggressive, real-time campaigns that activate a growing and permanent grassroots base of volunteers and activists that facilitate empowerment through information that equips citizens to advocate, participate, vote and demand policy change from elected officials based on the needs of minority communities as a whole.

Our mission is carried out strategically through three (3) campaigns as detailed below:

CHANGING FACES : Initiative designed to facilitate dialogue with elected officials and citizens of urban communities concerning the State of the Black community.

GATEKEEPERS : Initiative designed to mobilized diverse institutions of faith and non-profit organizations by involving and empowering leaders with opportunities to serve as local advocates to elected officials for persons of communities in which we live.

Faith-Works FOUNDATION : Initiative designed to serve as a political watchdog for government oversight and involvement of Community of Faith by observing changes and patterns of behavior by elected officials.

    The Phoenix Consortium

    The Phoenix Consortium for Social Change

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